Kerala running 600 kms in length, having India’s finest beaches is located on the southern part of India with the Arabian Sea in the west along its coast. The high mountains in contrast to the Western Ghats due east tower 500-2700 meter, with shores running all along one side makes Kerala look different. Kerala is divided into three regions: The coastal lowlands, the fertile midlands and the highlands. The coastal lowlands are network of backwaters and 44 rivers. The fertile mid lands are rich in local vegetations and the Highlands exhibits wildlife reserves, paddy fields and spice & rubber plantation. All through the coast, there are Rocky Mountains, sandy beaches and coconut tree in plenty. Kerala has humid equatorial climate and experience heavy rainfall.

Kerala has 100% literacy rate and one of the cleanest states of India and have the best health system. Hinduism, Islam and Christianity are followed here. Malayalam is the main spoken language along with English. Kerala has enthralling art forms, and miraculous festivals. Kerala is famous for Ayurvedic medicines, historic and enlightening monuments and extraordinary cuisine. Thiruvananthapuram is the state capital alongwith other 14 districts. These 14 district are distributed amongst six regions and well connected through air, road & rail.

The backwaters of Kerala serve as a channel for inland water transport. These channels are widely used for commercial travel as well as for leisure.

Kerala is known for wildlife, shopping, beaches, classical dance, elephants, coconut and these all are displayed in our Kerala tour package including backwaters tour incusive of their ayurvedic therapy, temples in kerala and beaches in kerala. Honeymoon in Kerala is well known throughout India and this makes this state very different.