Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is situated at the extreme north of Indian subcontinent and bordered by Himachal Pradesh and Punjab & internationally by China and Pakistan usurped territory of Azad Kashmir and mostly in Himalayan mountain. Jammu and Kashmir has three regions i.e. Jammu, Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. Jammu has Hindu pilgrimage sites, Kashmir is known as the “Paradise on earth” and Ladakh is called “the little Tibet”, famous for remote natural beauty and is a main Buddhist circuit of this region. Therefore, this region mainly known for its natural beauty and pilgrimage sites, have religious value. This state displays shifting capital, whereas Srinagar is the summer capital and Jammu is the winter capital. The languages spoken here are Urdu, Dogri and Kashmiri in its 22 districts. Understandable English is spoken as well amongst the educated mass. Lifestyle is typically kashmiri.

Housed by several valleys, Jammu and Kashmir is home of the Kashmir Valley, Tawi Valley, Chenab Valley, Lidder Valley, Poonch Valley and Sind Valley. Jhelum is the river that flows through Himalayan Kashmir Valley. Glaciers are in plenty, with Siachen Glacier as the largest amongst them. Jammu depicts monsoon climate and is hot with a temperature of maximum 40 degree celcius during summers and areas of Ladakh can be too cold and the temperature can fall to -20 degree celcius also. In spite of Islam as the major religion, this state has hindu pilgrimage sites like Veshno Devi temple. Jammu & Kashmir, also known as paradise on earth and situated in the northern India, is a beautiful destination for honeymoon, snow sports like skiing in Kashmir, Himalayan rally. Kashmir is known for its house boats and some of the beautiful area like gulmarg, and sonamarg. When ever you travel to kashmir, It will still one of the best north India tour and that makes honeymoon in kashmir the favourite tour.

Dependent mainly on agriculture Jammu and Kashmir especially Kashmir Valley is well known for seri-culture and cold water fishery. Cricket bat wood is extracted here. Trading mainly in saffron, this state contributes to exports of dry fruits and fruits throughout the year. This place is also famous for its rugs and beautifully designed and colorful handmade carpets. Tourism has always been the backbone of this state earning and has regained its value as the best tourist destination of Asia. Pilgrimage has never gone down for Hindu and Buddhist circuits. Gulmarg has always been the favorite for tourist interested in ski resorts and skiing which is one of the major sports of this region and the world’s highest golf courses.

Living in Dal lake house boats can be mesmerizing along with other tourist destination like Srinagar, Jammu , the Mughal Gardens, Gulmarg, Pahalgam and Ladakh. Friendly people with kinsmanship, breadth taking landscapes and beautiful gardens adorn this princely state of Incredible India. The routing can be made possible through air, rail and by road. Air is the safest, less time consuming and hassle free.

Shopping: Kashmir is famous for hand woven pure pashmina woolen shawls and mix shawls with fibres like cotton. The mixed shawls are comparatively cheaper. Also, some with gold zari work and are expensive. Silk saris worn unstitched around waist worn by women, are adorn with beautiful colors. Carpets are mainly source of income for hand experienced workers. From expensive to cheap all sort carpets and other items on home furnishings are available in market area. Other products are chilli, saffron, walnut & almonds, kala zeera, honey and paper crafts.



The way to reach Soanmarg is from the sindh valley. This valley shows amazing facet of kashmir. Soanmarg is situated at an altitude of 2730 meters and has Snow Mountains as its background against the sky. It is a famous excursion site of Jammu and Kashmir.


Gulmarg is well known for its astounding natural splendor and it is counted as one of the exclusive tourist destinations in the world. Gulmarg is enclosed by thick forest. This place is well-known for its golf hikes and striking highland of golf course.

Chadar Trek

Zanskar, located at a high altitude is one of the best trekking regions in the world. Zanskar river freezes up in winters and get transformed into an wonderful adventures trek called The Frozen River Trek. As the river becomes a snow sheet during winters due to heavy snowfall it boasts of some of the lowest temperatures making it a challenging trek for the adventurers. The isolated and inaccessibility of nearly eight months in a year, due to heavy snowfall, results in closure of all the access passes. This geographical isolation jointly with the esoteric scenery of Buddhism practiced here has enabled its ten thousand residents to preserve and achieve their cultural uniqueness.

Peer Baba

This is of the holy places for Muslim saints. Here, people from all the religions comes in large number to pray, on Thursday.

Bahu Fort

Bahu fort was modified and improved by Dogra Rulers of jammu but first built it was built by the Raja Bahulochan. This fort is located at a distance of around 5 km from the main city and perhaps is the oldest edifice in the Jammu. This fort is facing the Tawi River. There is a temple of goddess kali in the fort.

Mubarak Mandi Palace

Mubarak Palace was built with the stroke of three different styles, Rajasthani, Mughal and Gothic. Most renowned part of this Palace is the Sheesh Mahal segment. There is a Dogra Art Museum, which is a riches house of miniature paintings from an assortment of hill schools.