Tourist Places in India


Thank you for showing interest in my mother land, India, being originated from the oldest civilizations “Indus valley Civilization” and from there it gets its name “India”. Now, India is an amalgamation of various unique characteristics showing its self from its various facets. The segregation of India can be done through many ways like geographical into North, east, west, south, south-west and north eastern parts. Every part of this collage proclaims its USPs through its tourism boards which invites visitors to their region. This diversification is mainly on the basis of language which changes every 200 kilometers and on the basis of states & Union Territories. Every state is independent in its operations and collectively is under Union of Indian Government.

Colors of India

Here, we firstly try to give you a bird eye view of this vast landscape for a better understanding to enable you to fall in love with this ancient in habitation. Many rulers, from the west, who came and reigned here, contribute largely to the cultural diversity. Fire, water & earth are considered sacred here. We have all the major religions of this worlds and people living in exercise it freely as per their choice. Women empowerment is a hot topic. The economy of India is comparatively growing at the fastest rate in Asia and main emphasis is on building sustainable infrastructure and is therefore a lucrative destination for foreign investment too.

We are diversified in climates too and experience all four climates mainly summers, winters, autumn and spring. For all the major and minor seasons we have festivals which are celebrated both locally like Onam (celebrated in Kerala), Baisakhi (celebrated in Punjab, Haryana),as well as Nation-wide like Holi Diwali & Eid.

Up above, you shall find some of the states well known for their distinct traits. We shall talk in detail for each one of them. After giving you an eye wash of the states, we shall describe some of the itineraries associated with that or combo adjoining states like Golden triangle tour which coves three states like Delhi, Rajasthan and western part of Uttar Pradesh and Luxury train tour which is the biggest foreigners attraction.

Special Tours of India

Once we are through with the description of the selected states, we then move on to some of the special tours that Incredible India offers, which don’t fall under any specific state and therefore we talk nationally for them. Before entering India, please also go through our FAQS page that will enable you to modify your modus operandi. We also invite all the tourist to give us a chance to organise your marriage and honeymoon in India. The marriage can be as per Indian rituals or as per convenience of the groom and bride.

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