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Tamil Nadu, India.
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Tamil Nadu is considered a popular destination for tourists from all across the world. If there is something that Tamilians like to discuss besides cinema and politics, it is the food of their state. The state offers vary sightseeing and tourists destinations to travel.

Hotels to Stay

Popular Destinations

Situated in the southern peninsula, Tamil Nadu is one of the most well-known and important tourist places of the country. Surrounded by Andhra Pradesh from the North, Kerala and Karnataka from the west and northwest accordingly, Tamil Nadu is enclosed to the Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal from south and the east sides respectively. Chennai, previously called as Madras, is the capital of Tamil Nadu which is the fourth largest city of India. Its Beautiful shorelines with stripes of beautiful coconut trees, ancient pilgrimages, cultural inheritance and wildlife sanctuaries makes this state a favorite travel destination for tourists amongst all the states.

Places of interest/Itineraries

Tamil Nadu is an important seaport and profitable market for business purpose. The state offers vary sightseeing and places to travel. From the vast Greenfields, landscapes and white sand beaches to the eminent Nilgiri peaks, Tamil Nadu is considered a popular destination for tourists from all across the world. Some of the most visited hill stations in Tamil Nadu are Kodaikanal, Ooty, and Coonnoor, while Madurai is home of the well honored Meenakshi Temple.

Tamil Nadu also claims for the numerous wildlife parks and bio-habitats, the most prominent national park among all is Madumalai National Park. Explore these destinations and more in Tamil Nadu holiday.

Foods in Tamil Nadu

If there is something that Tamilians like to discuss besides cinema and politics (yea, in that order of priority), it is the food of their state. Although dishes like Idli, Dosa, Sambhar and Rasam are common throughout the region, it also has some regional impacts. Tamil Nadu, true home of Indian vegetarianism, is the land of the delicious Idli, Dosa, Pongal, Rasam and Sambhar. To get a sample of the tasty cuisine, one can take part in the festivities of Pongal, a festival which is traditionally known as Makar Sankranti when rice and lentils boiled together and tested with ghee, cashew nuts, pepper and cumin seed is prepared as a custom dish and a non-vegetarian lunch, includes curry or dishes prepared with chicken, mutton or fish.

Best time to visit

Being a tropical state, there may be variations occur between the temperatures in Tamil Nadu. The months of April and May are the hottest as 40 *C mark while around 20-22 *C in the winter months. As compared to other parts of India, Tamil Nadu gets most of rain in Monsoons. Thus, the ideal time to visit Tamil Nadu is from October to February, this time the weather conditions remains enchanting and enjoyable.

Travel in Tamil Nadu

A full-fledged holiday tour with your family is a best option to revitalize bonds between the family and revive the love between your near and dears. And, what else is a better choice to spend an ideal time with your family instead of Tamil Nadu. The pleasing weather of Tamil Nadu, beautiful landscapes and delicious food will surely put your mood to celebrate the best time in Tamil Nadu with your family.

From best hotel bookings and economic travelling, plan your holiday itineraries in Tamil Nadu; it may revive your every options for a stress-free vacation.

Visit the numerous attractions of this beautiful place in the company of your loved ones with Tamil Nadu family vacation and tour away from the routine tasks of life.

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