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India claims for one of the best travel destinations with a number of massive beaches and its various coastlines. With the abundant lush greenery around it India’s beaches are just perfect to indulge and relax a tired mind and physique. Walk barefooted on sandy beaches and feel the warmth of the sun here. The calming effect of breezy air will easily enter deep into your body. The wide-spread shoreline along the beaches has a soul ability to carry away all your worries and distress along with its waves. You can also watch the sun rise and set far in the prospect and appreciate the beauty that is reflected as a reflection in the water. Sailing is also a great way to get refresh, explore nature and be the lucky one on the beaches.

A beach tour package by a reliable tour operator in India will give every possible thing to enjoy, as segregation and a chance of self-analysis. Take a tour to Indian beaches and experience what exactly makes the beaches in India attractive to its visitors.

Destination covered in Packages:
Alleppey Backwaters Kerala, Gateway of India shoreline, Sailing on Ganga, Idukki, Kerala, Dal Lake, Kashmir, Backwaters Odisha, Barrack-pore West Bengal, Goa beaches, Tarkarli, Maharashtra, Cochin-Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep, Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

1. Backwaters, Kerala.
It is probably the most popular beach location for Indians as well as foreigners. Kerala beaches are well-known for their untouched natural beauty. Here you may experience a walk on the shores and the old-feel boat rides. You can spend here much time to explore marine life and relax or stay on a house-boat and experience a complete exotic lifestyle.

2. The coast of Mumbai.
There are various travel options here at Mumbai sea beaches. You will have everything in Mumbai from a short 2-3 hour trips to 6-7 days journey. There are small boats, fancy yachts, and even motor-boats for hire or running regular conveyances for enthusiastic tourists. You can go Alibaug on your boat which is a famous tourist place or just explore the sea and the birds here.

3. River Ganga, Allahabad.
River Ganga is not only known for its traditional values also for some of its tourist based adventures like river-rafting and kayaking and for sailing. Ganga riverside beaches in Allahabad offer sailing trips for Indian as well as foreign tourists. It is a packaged journey of around 4-7 days with the boat sailing for approximately whole day.

4. Idukki, Kerala.
One of India’s unexplored destinations, Idukki in Kerala has lots of travel options to offer to couples and tourists. Idukki also hosts many yacht sailing competitions on its beaches and you can easily hire a yacht or a small sailboat depending on your accordance to travel.

5. Backwaters, Odisha.
Odisha has amazingly beautiful backwaters and beaches as Kerala. But unfortunately they are not as popular as Kerala. In your travel package you will have a trip around Odisha backwaters in a house-boat and it will make your journey the most of a romantic trip so far.

6. Beaches of Goa.
The Vegas of India, state of Goa has many options for adventure sports and exploring the beaches on a yacht. You can hire a luxurious yacht and just go for an entire evening filled with eating, dancing and enjoy.

7. Cochin-Agatti Islands, Lakshadweep.
This is one unforgettable trip you don’t want to miss. With all modern facilities, a cruise trip will not set you back by a lot financially but will let you experience all the joys of an amazing adventure trip.

8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
There are a lot of sailing options in Andaman and Nicobar Islands beaches, the most popular of them being at Havelock beach Island.

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