Ayurveda & Spa In India

Ayurveda & Spa In India

Ayurveda, a sophisticated holistic approach and healing method of India, which is originated from its historical roots in the Indian subcontinent about 5000 years ago, its name derives from Sanskrit words Ayur and Veda which means life and knowledge. Here in Al- Khaleej wellness packages Ayurveda and Spa therapy are essentially a science of life based on true laws of nature.

With Al-Khaleej Wellness packages, we form essential wellness programs for our visitors. We offers specialized Spa massages and treatments to perform transformations in overall lifestyle of our customers and to enhancing the herbal and Ayurvedic experience which is specially designed for every individual’s desire to relax, heal, revitalize and rejuvenate.

An Al-Khaleej wellness package offers attentive Ayurvedic and Spa treatments to rejuvenate and revive your health at India’s best and selected Spa destinations.

Visitors will have an option to choose from the two wellness package options:

1- Deep Rest to relax mind and body
2- De-Stress to tone the body and relax the mind.

Each package has an option of 3-7 days trip with Spa, Ayurvedic and ancient wellness treatments including traditional rejuvenation oil massages, exercises, organic diet, and Yoga, meditation and breathing sessions.

Whole treatment session managed by our professional therapists with pure, organic preparations and products, including rejuvenation oil blends with herbs and other natural products in precise quantities are used for all treatments to ensure maximum benefit.

Our special Ayurvedic Spa packages available in three different categories:

Wellness packages: The Wellness package provides focus on weight related issues and anti –ageing. This package includes a 90-minute Ayurvedic spa treatment per day.

Lifestyle package: This package usually comprised a rejuvenation, De-stressing and detoxification therapy session. The offer includes a 90-minute Ayurveda treatment per day.

Specialized package: The Specialized package offer focused on treating ailments like spondylitis and migraine, rheumatoid arthritis. This package contains a 1 hour Ayurvedic treatment per day.

We offer guests the best of modern Ayurvedic healing therapy, staying true to the old principles of Ayurveda, traditional Vedic culture and natural health on which our culture was originated.


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