Q -1 What are the precautions to be taken in Delhi for a pleasurable excursion ?

  • Travel in pairs (at least)
  • Wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent
  • Take a water flask with you
  • In addition to non-revealing lightweight long cotton trousers/shirts it is suggested you wear well-fitted shoes (preferably athletic trainers) to cope with the uneven ground you will be walking or climbing over.
  • Take a hat
  • Do not take fresh fruits with you, this will decrease your chances of being hassled by monkeys and take a very small amount of money
  • Be aware that if you take your small children with you, they may be the focus of a lot of attention. If your children happen to be blondes, brunettes, or redheads with blue or green eyes, you may be inundated with request of pictures, and the general focus for a lot of unsolicited attention


Q -2 What are the helpful travel tips while travelling in India?

  • Learn a few words of Hindi and it will help a lot
  • Town names are frequently spelled a variety of ways. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some other spelling variants of your destinations.

Q -3 What all things should I take along while travelling in India?

  • Toilet paper, Flashlights, water, handi-wipes, snacks, smiles, sense of humor and a spirit of adventure

Q -4 Which mode of transport should I prefer in India?

  • Air is the best mode of transport even in India but trains (both luxury & normal) can be a better option than buses, which are usually crowded, slow and uncomfortable, but India has an extensive bus network system that can be used especially where trains don’t run.
  • While travelling by car one should carry a good road atlas or GPS with you, and be brave. Driving on highways can be hazardous and confusing, but knowing a few rules can help like (A) Bigger is the boss – If you are bigger you own the road. (B) I Claim this lane – Flash light (dipper) means he intend to come down the lane and you should move over (C) Passing Signals – Traffic Signs made from hand & fingers need to be understood before travelling.